A Targeted Approach

When interacting with friends in the social circle, many parents are struggling with their kids unable to understand their cognitive and emotional needs due to dearth of knowledge and also facilities which lead Dr. Kavita Rudagi to the creation of Hope Counseling

  • Data Driven – From research around the world on the field of Neurofeedback

  • Results Orientated – Discover answers in kids different learning style

  • Research Led – Understand kids both at cognitive and emotional levels

To educate is to touch a life for ever.


To empower and enrich every individual, ensuring that they achieve the pinnacle of personal and professional excellence.


To provide one stop Mind and Brain Empowerment solution to future generations towards brain development, Emotional wellbeing and social interaction skills. We strive to develop creative, fun learning journey for each and every individual breaking through the stress in their life to unleash their creative capacity.


We have Individual or Relationship counseling, EFT & Matrix reimprinting, Bach flower therapy and Individualized Personality and Talent Assessment

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Hope Counseling

To educate is to touch a life for ever