A Targeted Approach

When interacting with friends in the social circle, many parents are struggling with their kids unable to understand their cognitive and emotional needs due to dearth of knowledge and also facilities which lead Dr. Kavita Rudagi to the creation of Hope Counseling

  • Data Driven – From research around the world on the field of Neurofeedback

  • Results Orientated – Discover answers in kids different learning style

  • Research Led – Understand kids both at cognitive and emotional levels

To educate is to touch a life for ever.


To Rise and Ascend from all the conditionings of life to wing your way and revive like a phoenix hope


To provide one stop Mind and Brain Empowerment solution to future generations towards brain development, Emotional wellbeing and social interaction skills. We strive to develop creative, fun learning journey for each and every individual breaking through the stress in their life to unleash their creative capacity.


We have Individual or Relationship counseling, EFT & Matrix reimprinting, Bach flower therapy and Individualized Personality and Talent Assessment

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Dr Kavita is generous with her knowledge and constructively critical in her praise. She is so full of energy, life and commitment for the noble work she is doing. With her coaching I’m certain the attendees will be able to understand on a deeper level what is important to them, what inspires their minds, and they will have renewed motivation to take action toward these goals and dreams. I can, without reservation, recommend her to you! Cheers!

Dr Kavita.. Kavi as we know her.. is the best person for all of us to run to when encountered by stress and impossible situations. Kavi handles all these situations with so much ease and with a great approach which is filled with professionalism and knowledge of a greater extent..
I highly recommend her counselling for all who can benefit from her

Dr Sandeep, Pedodontist

Indeed a very nice and a positive place to get rid of all your problems; Never felt like a counselling centre; it’s more like talking with your near one and getting positive attention and hope.

Dr Shobit, Orthodontist

Thanks to dearest Kavita ji for her valuable insights on EFt and Chakras. This was a journey where we learnt so much!Will always be thankful to her for her love, patience and help


The course was complete in every way.Every aspect of the topic was covered and we also got a lot of additional information.

My experience has been great
The knowledge given has been given extensively and in simplified manner
The follow up and administration for completing the task to is also appreciable
I thank nature to attract person like Kavita mam in contact with us

Rajiv Gupta, Mumbai

learnt a lot in the Chakra training workshop
A thorough detailed information on the subject
was given. Gained a lot of clarity on the subject and wish to learn more from you in future too.

Vinita Sharma, Mumbai

Dear Kavita Mam this is Suyog Patil here. I thank God for bringing this opportunity for me to learn Chakra meditation through you. Thia meditation process has brought a lot of improvement in my health, my approach towards situations and above all has increased my confidence. I thank you sincerely from my heart for teaching me Chakra meditation.

Suyog Patil

I learnt a lot in the Chakra training workshop
A thorough detailed information on the subject
was given. Gained a lot of clarity on the subject and wish to learn more from you in future too.

Madhuri, Mumbai

Dr Kaveiitha just did the readings and her readings was bang on!! Her voice is so pleasant that I simply wanted to hear her talk ❤
In just 3mins of our conversation She analysed everything from my childhood.. I can finally begin to reframe my decisions with confidence.
Dr Kaveiitha our conversation helps me change my decision making for the better and refocus on future. Thank u so much.

Nikhita Aanand

Gud evening friends. I got my Psychic reading done by Dr Kaveiitha Rudgi. It was a wonderful session. She is very perceptive and helpful. Her reading was quite on point . Thank you so much for this session Dr. Kaveiitha🙏

Kanchan, Bangalore

I had the privilege and blessing to be gifted the psychic reading by Dr. Kaveiitha.

She accurately told me a lot about me by asking a very simple question.

She was patient and compassionate and very good in answering questions.

I would recommend her and would be taking a paid session too soon.

Thank you So much ❤❤

Madhu, Mumbai

Received a Free Psychic Reading from Dr Kavieetha Rudagi.

She has touched upon the core issues of my life.
Some of them I had never focused upon or thought of.
The reading has enabled me to understand the issues better and also the root causes.
Thanks to Dr Rudagi.
Would recommend to go in for the Readings and Healings

Bhujbalbir singh sahni, Your Content Goes Here

Hope Counseling

To educate is to touch a life for ever