Aarin and Aarohi, the amazing twins of Dr Kavita Rudagi are the inspiration behind Hope Counseling. Being twins Aarin was showing a slower response to commands at a very young age. As a mother, Kavita was not only concerned about her son’s wellbeing, but also was very much surprised to see the vast difference in both kids which caused a lot of questions to pop up in mind leading to insecurities about the well being of the kids at cognitive areas. Looking for answers, Dr Kavita decided to dwell into the field of cognitive aspects of Psychology to discover the answers spotted in the different learning styles in both kids. Intrigued by the finest aspects of cognitive field Dr Kavita travelled the world and educated herself in the field of Neurofeedback, Brain Training and armed herself with various courses that could help her understand and manage her kids better both at Cognitive and Emotional levels.

To Educate Is To Touch A Life For Ever

Dr. Kavita Rudagi, Founder and Director of Hope Counseling


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