Dr. Kavita Rudagi

Dr Kavita Rudagi is the Founder and Director of Hope Counseling

A Neurofeedback Trainer (Seoul, S.Korea), Endodontist , Social activist, parenting coach, Brain educator and an Entrepreneur. She holds a masters degree in Endodontics and serves as Associate Professor at ACPMDC, Dhule.

Dr Kavita works on developing heart-based playful learning methods, vital for balanced brain development and lifelong health, happiness and success of a child . She is also researching on technological modules for children with autism, dyslexia, ADD / ADHD, and other special learning needs.

She has started two campaigns to contribute to the society.

Firstly, KNOW YOUR CHILD………A WELLNESS INITIATIVE. Aimed at spreading the awareness about the importance of child parent relationship and key areas of awareness to the parents so that the parents understand and connect with their children. Along with amalgamation of cutting edge breakthrough coaching with simple techniques to enhance the overall happiness and wellbeing of the family.

Secondly, A Campaign targeted to educate the society on the importance of EMOTIONAL HEALTH. She believes it’s the most critical area of life which lacks awareness and also the ensuing results. To help people deal and accept Different psychological issues especially DEPRESSION.

She believes in the mantra of life : TO EDUCATE IS TO TOUCH A LIFE FOR EVER

To Educate Is To Touch A Life For Ever

Dr. Kavita Rudagi, Founder and Director of Hope Counseling


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