Neurofeedback is a technology that can develop the neural network of a child by adjusting brain waves necessary for the development of the brain while watching one’s own brain wave information on a real time basis. It is the most scientific and effective method that can activate the brain by reorganizing the neurons and pave way to a world of opportunities.

Neurofeedback does not require drugs in maximizing the brain function. Its amazing effects have been proven through clinical studies for the past 40 years. It is believed that this technology will eventually bring about evolution of humankind.

Extraordinary results require extraordinary efforts. We pulled it off with our Neuroharmony educational module. Children love our game mode training. They never know they are building a stronger brain all along while they were immersed in our fun filled modules

The statistical results speak for themselves,

• Students score higher grades

• Remarkable improvement in the child’s Emotional Quotient

• Happier and stress-free childhood

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