The healing power of nature has been known almost since time began. Flowers and plants uplift us. Dr Bach’s system of healing is intended to treat the person rather than the disease, the cause rather than the effect. Bach Flower Remedies is a complementary treatment to help alleviate emotional issues and pain by making use of unique combinations of the 38 Flower Essences developed by Dr. Edward Bach. The Bach remedies are powerful yet gentle healing tools that can catalyse the resolution of deep emotional imbal¬ances.

Bach flower essences are extracts from wild flowers which have a positive effect on emotional and mental imbalances such as fear, anxiety, anger, lack of self-confidence, poor self-image, stress and worrying, sleep problems, nightmares, failure, exam fear, ADHD, PTSD, trauma, sadness, guilt, concentration problems, depression. The remedies are also very helpful during major transitions such as divorces, death, homesickness, menopause and the teenage years.

Each flower is believed to impart specific qualities, and every individual gets a custom-made remedy based on their unique, individual requirements. These remedies are usually taken orally. They are safe to use and have no side-effects.

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